Watercolor Challenge November 2015 – Baddesly Clinton Manor


I did this watercolour today for the WetCanvas.com November challenge. The subject is Baddesly Clinston Manor in Warwickshire, from a reference photo from Google Street View provided by the group’s administrators. http://goo.gl/maps/TjvfL


Dance of Joy (poem and painting)


Dance of Joy
watercolour on paper

when you’re happy and you know it

throw your hands up

in the air and just show it

kick your leg up

high behind and then swing it

twirl about and spin

around and just love it

when you’re excited and can’t hide it

throw your body back

and forth and then shake it

sway your hips around

in circles and then twist it

bite your tongue and hold it in

then break loose what’s in and dance it


© Cindy Lapeña, 2011

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Tyger, Tyger (poem and painting)


Tyger Tyger
watercolour on paper

Tyger, tyger wrote a poet

in the shadows, thought he saw it

if it drew near you’d never know it

barely hear the grass around it

Tyger, tiger fearful creature

we cringe in fear at your raw nature

barely moving silent mover

glorious masterpiece of nature

Tyger, tiger do you ever

know how much fear in us you render

calm and patient stand you there

panicked, scared, we favour prayer.

© Cindy Lapeña, 2011

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