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Garden Home Mural Project: Day 3




I started this on a bare surface. Because of the rigid lines for the letters and latticework, I decided to mark off the grids and outline the letters. Everything after that was done freehand. Everything after this will be done freehand.

I was really excited to start this project, as were my contacts at the Garden Home, in particular, Angela, who is in charge of special projects. She gave me an idea of what she wanted and I presented her with sketches, designs, lettering, and colour  options. The first day, I put in the dark green colour, which received some objections, as well as the fact that the size of letters was too big, but Angela wanted them big and eye-catching, so I delivered on that. To improve on the letters, I added an emerald green center and created an outline with green yellow to make the letters look more solid as well stand out more. Then, I created the latticework in white, which everyone really liked. (see Day 2). When I started putting in the shadow to make the latticework look solid, Everyone just liked it better! When I started to put in the vines crawling in and out of the latticework, my audience stayed till bedtime.

So far, I’ve been enjoying my days painting this, and am truly glad that it is bringing joy and gladness to the residents and staff as well. Today, I take a break as there is a powerful storm blowing over the island and everyone is staying home. I am hunkered down in front of the TV with my faithful Caliban on my lap, my laundry in the dry cycle, and hot chocolate ready to make.

Next step is finishing touches on the leaves, including shadowing, and a little more shadowing on the latticework.

Nature didn’t take shortcuts to decorate each and every leaf.
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Project Garden Home: Day 1


Started a mural painting project for the Garden Home, with outlining for a couple of hours after my last Card-Making workshop with the residents, and close to 6 hours of painting on Saturday. Art is such gratifying work!

Here is what I’ve completed so far:

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Poems for Papa on Father’s Day

by Kitt Lapeña

by Kitt Lapeña

thunder and lightning and papa


i was as proud as a little girl could be

at six

with my very own room

and my very own bed

and my very own closets

and a door i could close

to be alone

until the big storm

when thunder roared

and the lightning

turned the shadow of

our neighbor’s caimito tree

into grotesque arms

swaying and reaching

in the blue-white glow

of the stormy night

and the wind

lashed at the windows

and left an open one


and banging

and banging

i lay awake

crouched under my blankets

trying to shut my eyes

not to see

the monster arms

reaching for me

but they did

and i forgot

how nice it was

to have my very own room

and my very own bed

and my very own closets

and a door i could close

and i screamed

until papa came

and papa stilled

the thunder and lightning

so i could sleep.



7 July 1993

4:10 a.m.


…and papa was there


it was a dark and stormy night

and papa was there

to put me to sleep


i had always wanted to be a girl scout

and everyone’s mommy and daddy

was at the induction

to pin the tiny girl scout pin

and tie the white kerchiefs on

i thought no one would come

and just when they called my name

papa was there


mama brought me to my grade school graduation

but didn’t stay

and somewhere in the middle of it all

as i strained to see the tiny faces in the crowd

papa was there

with his camera and his big almost-smile


and when my tummy hurt

really bad in school and

i had to get an appendectomy

before the anaesthetic got to work

papa was there holding my hand

and his eyes and shining eyeglasses

were the last thing i saw

floating next to the iv bottle


and when i walked down the aisle

papa was there holding me

like a little girl again

and smiling and crying

as i was


and when bianca came into the world

i thought i saw papa at the window

in a green surgical smock and cap

and when i woke up

there was a bag of sweets and cakes

and papa


and when i die

wherever i go i’m quite sure

the first thing i see will be papa.



7 July 1993

4:55 a.m.


Children of the Earth (poem)


children of the earth we are born

in the womb of mother nature we are nurtured

we feed at her bountiful bosom and we grow strong

as children of the earth.

we are born children of the earth

we grow strong feeding from her bounty

and when we are grown we forget how we were born

from the womb of mother nature.

we were nurtured by the rich bounty of our mother earth

we have grown. we have forgotten.

we grow fat taking more than our share.

we grow rich taking more than we need for ourselves.

we grow greedy taking everything from the earth.

we have forgotten how we were born.

we have sold our mother to the highest bidder.

we have sold our lifeline to the earth.

we have sold our mother.

we have sold our earth.

we were born children of the earth

and children of the earth we shall die.

children of the earth we shall hunger for more

and when there is no more, we shall hunger again

for what no longer is. for the barren mother

stripped of her glory

stripped of her bounty

stripped of her beauty

and when she can no longer give

how else shall we live?

as children of the earth we shall die

on the barren grounds stripped of beauty and bounty

in filthy oceans populated by flotsam

on bare mountains that will be bare sand

in the bosom of a dead mother

her children will die.


© Cindy Lapeña, 2013

 Mother Earth